Priorities for OJS 3.1

To help us with development priorities for OJS 3.1 (anticipated for May 2017), we’d like to hear your thoughts about priorities. Are there features missing in OJS 3.0 that you need to have for 3.1? You can read our latest blog post on our current development plans.

Greetings @stranack,

Thanks for continuing develop the OJS :slight_smile:

  1. We would like to see some sort of a citation editor plugin in which authors can enter all their citations by themselves. This data could then be placed in the articles metadata, in the html head on article details page.

  2. Also it would be great (for open access journal like ours) to make an option for displaying full html of the article right on the article details page.

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Thanks for this topic :slight_smile:

We’re excited to migrate to OJS3 but we need Single-Sign-On (implicit authentication)!

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Hello PKP,

The role management was completely renewed for OJS3 and you are definitely on a good way here. The division into stage assingment and permission level probably makes sense, but unfortunately the latter lacks on documentation. I can guess that the level names correspond to the old OJS2 roles, but what exactly can for example a Guest Editor do? Why does the help page mention Series Editors but not Subscription Managers? A revise of the documentation regarding this point can probably help users a lot.

In addition I want to request a new permission level which is located somewhere between Reviewers and Section Editors. In our workflow we have Review Managers who control the complete Review including the Assignment of Reviewers. The crucial point is, that they don’t make final decisions on the acceptance/decline of a submission. They report the outcome back to the Editorial Board.

Currently we have to use the SE role for these Review Managers. Here, finishing their part of the review means sending the article to copyediting and informing the author about the decision. This stands in direct contrast to what our workflow suggests.

Similar things have been requested before under names like SE Recommendation and SE Final Decision Option.

Hopefully we get this running. It would be a pity, if this minor limitation stops us from using this otherwise well suited software.


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Thanks in advance,
I consider it prioritie that in Ojs 3.1 a journal manager can manage several journals at the same time, with one user name.
In ojs 2.4.x there is the option: “assign a role to an existing site user”

Hi @javier5858,

That’s also possible in OJS 3.0.0 and 3.0.1.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi asmecher,

I think i found it, but it is not easy.
In case someone does not find it:
I have journals A and B with USER as manager journal in A
Select journal B in the upper corner.
Select Menu users&roles-Users
select search (Do not select Add User)
Active option: Include users with no roles in this journal. (But with option ‘all roles’ -with manager journal option find nothing)
Click Search button
Edit User found
Add Role and OK.

L. Javier

You’re right - this could be easier. We’ll investigate as part of our UX evaluation process. Thanks for letting us know.

The only thing for us, that is becoming almost indispensable, is the possibility to have multilingual author names. That is because Scopus and others would not allow non-latin words to appear in the English part of metadata :sob:
Please, help!

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Hi, we’d like to be able to customize reviewer recommendation options.

Thanks for considering this.

It is good to have a page for improvements/suggestions;

  • It might be good to enable publishing articles without necessarily assigning them into issues/volumes but to publish them chronically (as soon as they are accepted).
  • Options to make OJS as a multicolumn platform?
  • Possibility to add active or dynamic ads fields to display important messages or to draw attention to (conference ads, events ads, ‘breakthrough’ published paper, etc).
  • Have you ever thought about making OJS as a theme for WordPress? It might be a good idea to consider it and make OJS as a professional paid theme (for eg. $100) where a demo or basic version is free and professional well designed and supported for professional uses.

I also would add;

  • Making it possible to install/uninstall of locales. Currently, it appears once a given or additional locale is installed, it cannot be removed. So, it might be good to give the option to remove additional locales.
  • Make it possible to customize the menu bar (adding, removing news page, sections, etc.)
  • Similarly to WordPress posts, adding a button of “Edit” to articles (HTML versions) to allow the editor or admin to edit or correct potential typos or errors might be very useful to correct some errors or mistakes when the editor discover them after clicking on the “publish” button.

We’d like some upgrades to the reviewer assignment process. Our main issues are (1) we have a very specific list of terms we want reviewers to pick as their reviewing interests so we have consistency between reviewers and authors. We’d like the process of assigning reviewer role to include picking interests off our predefined list. (2) When assigning reviewers to a paper, we’d LOVE to be able to pick as many as we need all at once from the list that appears. Instead we pick one, email them, and then start all over. We often assign to 4-5 reviewers in order to get 3 completed reviews, so this makes for a VERY tedious process. Here’s how our previous system met our needs for both consistent key words and selecting multiple reviewers at once:


A graphical overview of all the submissions running through different editorial (sub)stages.

I currently do it manually in google sheets.

The columns are substages and the rows are submissions. When submission moves to next stage, I move the first author name to the next column (stage). I put notes in tooltips. The submission counts are on top. This way I have fast overview where my submissions are and plan when the issue can be published.

Would it be possible to implement something like this, to be automatic with more convenient user experience and interface. :slight_smile:


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[quote=“Ph_We, post:9, topic:25013”]
The only thing for us, that is becoming almost indispensable, is the possibility to have multilingual author names. That is because Scopus and others would not allow non-latin words to appear in the English part of metadata :sob:
Please, help!
[/quote]I support! Absolutely necessary thing! Another important thing is the support of bilingual references. One list is in the national version (for example, in our Russian-language journal), the second one for SCOPUS or Web of Science.

I would add
Navigation menu plugin for adding/removing rearranging main menu items

We are neutral regarding #2 , but wholeheartedly endorse #1, the closed (journal-defined) reviewer interest lists, with a possible addition of an open-ended “Other” option as well.