Preparing Quick-Submitted Back Issues for DOI Submittal - DOI Newbie questions

Hello! We are preparing to add DOIs to our archived back issues which were all added via the Quick-Submit plugin. I am trying to find out what if any additions or modifications might be required for DOI apart from author info and abstract. For instance, are keywords and references/citations required? Must I locate DOI numbers for any cited references?

Update: it’s looks like the following is all that is required (as opposed to reccomended) Article (article_metadata) titles, publication_date (year), doi_data.

Once I have all the required metadata, what is the best way to submit back issues. Will the plugin do so with published articles or must I unpublish and republish to initiate a submittal?

I am grateful for any pointers, links, or advice.

Hello @soj,

I don’t think that keywords and/or references/citations are requirements for issuing DOIs. If you haven’t seen it already, you may wish to check out our DOI and Crossref guides - they provide more comprehensive instructions:

PKP Team

thanks very much for your response