Plugin to diplay user statistics in sidebar

I created this plugin for a journal and thought it may also help others.
It displays how many users are currently browsing the website (signed in / guests) in sidebar.
it is based on OJS 2.4.6


Hi @alirezaaa,

Could you double-check that link? It’s not working for me.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

It seems that I can’t upload file to this forum. I copied the file here.
You may need to manually insert this line into database:

INSERT INTO `versions` (`major`, `minor`, `revision`, `build`, `date_installed`, `current`, `product_type`, `product`, `product_class_name`, `lazy_load`, `sitewide`) VALUES
(1, 0, 0, 0, '2016-04-01 07:02:19', 1, 'plugins.blocks', 'userStatistics', 'UserStatisticsBlockPlugin', 1, 0);

Registering plugins in the versions table is part of the install or upgrade process. You won’t need to make the manual entry in SQL if you either:

  • install the plugin via the web interface (User Home → Journal Manager → System Plugins → Install A New Plugin
  • or, install the plugin via the filesystem and subsequently run the php tools/upgrade.php upgrade command.

Does this work for 2.4.8?

yes it does.
let me know if you needed assistance.

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Thanks @alirezaaa for offering assistance. It is greatly appreciated.

I will try it on my offline server and let you.

Is this link the latest version?

The link above does not work.

I checked the link and zip package is available.
If you could not download the file, give me your email address as a Message and I will send it for you.

Ok. PM me.

I just checked it again. The file was uploaded April 3, 2016. I just want to make sure that is the latest file.

Does this plugin work for OJS 3.0.2

No, this works on OJS 2.