Plagiarism checking

Maybe it could be good to have a plugin that can enable editors/reviews to visit some free on line plagiarism checkers so they can check submitted article.
Actually, plugin can offer some links and when someone clicks OJS directs editor/reviewer to that page.
More complex plugin can provide space to enter text to be checked and from drop down menu editor/reviewer checks plagiarism checker and OJS submits text provided to that plagiarism checker service.




Hi @vvucic,

Do you have any specific services in mind?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Hello, There are some links that might be useful:

I wonder if this service from Crossref would be helpful: PKP is already working with them on other projects, and there might be some opportunities here.

The problem with crosscheck is that you must deposit 90% of your content as a publisher. I mean, if you have 30 journals it could be a problem:

To meet the required level of participation, the Participating Publisher must deposit the content associated with at least 90% of that publisher’s deposited DOIs for full text journal articles, although 100% inclusion of Publisher’s full text content in machine readable form (journal articles, conference proceedings articles, books and books chapters and theses and dissertations) (“the Publisher Content”) is the agreed goal.


If you only pay attention to this specific service, it’s a quite cheap one, but take the global picture IMHO it’s the classical “dealer strategy”.


Plagiarism Checker X is really cheap and helpful.

Any free (from freedom) alternative?

As far as I see… there is no API and they offer a a windows desktop application, so it can’t be configured as a service. Further more, I couldn’t find “against what” they check if or if they index PDF.

I see a gap here that could be nicely covered by a free software application with SaaS to make the project sustainable.

Yes, there is no apc. But i use it. Its cheap and good.