PKP PLN Plugin ask for Archive_Tar PHP extension

Darn. Clicked Reply a little too quickly.

The first batch of log entries you posted isn’t related to the PKP PLN plugin as far as I can tell. I’d guess that your cache was corrupted some how. Maybe @asmecher can make a suggestion.

In the second batch of log files, it looks like you’ve got in the generic plugins directory. That probably shouldn’t be there - PHP will have difficulty reading from it. The PLN Plugin should be an uncompressed directory, not a .zip file.

Hi @Enzo,

OJS cache files with parse errors can be a red flag that you’ve set file permissions to broadly and something else might be trying to modify those files. What are the file permissions on cache/ and its contents? What is your server API (SAPI)?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

@mjoyce , that’s true. I left by mistache the file in the plugin folder.
@asmecher, I reactivated a backup after the crash. Actually the file permission on cache is 777.
This are the contents:

0418da97592f96f70fbb528692ce59fe.gz              fc-locale-9da3df60a8b3a90c29257daaf6ba17f3.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-adv_fe.php
0418da97592f96f70fbb528692ce59fe.js              fc-locale-9e19df87188c49e74348db94de352bf3.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-adv_gilead.php
6d48fedbfe1fcbbb7f4887e44f87befa.gz              fc-locale-9f1bb3e9212d66927fcc703b0adc4594.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-adv_google.php
6d48fedbfe1fcbbb7f4887e44f87befa.js              fc-locale-a0d0dff2e7657a84756bd80d64f4c71f.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-adv_ispor.php
6e2b93945799993678f93711824d9c04.gz              fc-locale-a16fd1e71fda07f141ad2629c07cd068.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-authorbiosblockplugin.php
d0a61440d38ffc601d7f475a296f5218.gz              fc-locale-a66b04c787cc5c9b9bcdefd83aa101d1.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-crossrefexportplugin.php
_db                                              fc-locale-a693fd658d4d789b2bfd2a303335d959.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-customblockmanagerplugin.php
fc-core-9fb151618ea160d4d8895c5758dac9e2.php     fc-locale-a7a4b1f73f3b922eb712521db2537797.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-developedbyblockplugin.php
fc-core-bada974d92e5dc54d0eaafec28ab8129.php     fc-locale-a95a674fe6ab2832af794c3a7af64569.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-doipubidplugin.php
fc-country-en_US.php                             fc-locale-aaf03fa6fe1d26cd4eadd93e0d17c002.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-donationblockplugin.php
fc-currencies-en_US.php                          fc-locale-aebc6fc76de755506fea0e68bf5b237f.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-fontsizeblockplugin.php
fc-helpmap-f31a116d22d6c14f4f09c3d1fba38278.php  fc-locale-aefb1388bba7b673a5cc602025e3402e.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-googleanalyticsplugin.php
fc-help-toc-en_US-index.toc.000000.php           fc-locale-af1cd48677ffc63fcc9fbc520820bb6f.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-helpblockplugin.php
fc-help-toc-en_US-user.toc.000000.php            fc-locale-b0bcfbc5ba59463ad133a509be3e8ed1.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-informationblockplugin.php
fc-help-topic-en_US-index.topic.000000.php       fc-locale-b1a71f00fb548d961c3883e12a6a8d00.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-keywordcloudblockplugin.php
fc-help-topic-en_US-user.topic.000003.php        fc-locale-b623d9d9973ed237655585254526aa90.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-languagetoggleblockplugin.php
fc-journalSettings-3.php                         fc-locale-bdcfebb3744dbb2e63de61b85e84f305.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-navigationblockplugin.php
fc-journalSettings-4.php                         fc-locale-be1ed5afd341073b4b94a1e845b62246.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-notificationblockplugin.php
fc-journalSettings-5.php                         fc-locale-c3283397f7eb04ef0efe1cdeac9d92b8.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-openaireplugin.php
fc-journalSettings-6.php                         fc-locale-c46d51ed623e5dd74d5a56c5a6ed4f12.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-paypal.php
fc-keywords_en_US-3.php                          fc-locale-c582e2aeb4d0c940f5f2571bcd8714e0.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-plnplugin.php
fc-keywords_en_US-4.php                          fc-locale-c95d7911b8b0da12d45eb2b0c884164c.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-readingtoolsblockplugin.php
fc-keywords_en_US-5.php                          fc-locale-c984a9f2e9f815ad7d09ac78ec3ceb57.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-referralplugin.php
fc-locale-00181aeea44e488de84aa3ddd7b66516.php   fc-locale-cd39ecee2ccad2611b562dc6b5cc9ae6.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-relateditemsblockplugin.php
fc-locale-005a065b9c7e47fe8ec5e93cc24d9658.php   fc-locale-d1c78867740fa5b58f4b1073fc0657b4.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-roleblockplugin.php
fc-locale-01e94dde238387b6d491636e431c752c.php   fc-locale-d20be57bb305d999dbcf073bb906a2aa.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-staticpagesplugin.php
fc-locale-03b174b61510807426c2a2c128f6a86a.php   fc-locale-d322e6f60d5d4d5dd85954449eb3b25d.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-subscriptionblockplugin.php
fc-locale-044d797f82b2a293d65fe5e855bb52ec.php   fc-locale-d361f6493b84f04da16487147dee41ca.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-tinymceplugin.php
fc-locale-060b54f5ec922ace60afc62be3963566.php   fc-locale-d8121ef5623fbe92a52d7d80c94028e3.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-userblockplugin.php
fc-locale-0eff871d8e03233acda4bf07b56efeb8.php   fc-locale-da5f1fea602a3094380bc6641b646bf4.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-webfeedblockplugin.php
fc-locale-108cc328c145847234f1d1d19e2d8e23.php   fc-locale-db89f18ff03a4787993a7c9cc2980df0.php     fc-pluginSettings-4-webfeedplugin.php
fc-locale-10e60c7b9712f2d4ac0b8cb3efbab72b.php   fc-locale-e02dd96e8d267fe4b8203f70e692ce76.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-adv_google.php
fc-locale-1350b88b8667b29ce000680961221695.php   fc-locale-e09c7a75aaacf631ccb635dc8d5a640c.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-adv_pmal.php
fc-locale-185dbb2ba13fdf7875056f2f512379eb.php   fc-locale-e63c4244b6700ce9cb703c4ccd600fb3.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-crossrefexportplugin.php
fc-locale-1a35fd3e4f610e48289013a6895fef59.php   fc-locale-e8d99fb9fe9fb4957ce4229b59a9b633.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-customblockmanagerplugin.php
fc-locale-1aa906c159a379eda56e0803dc382b63.php   fc-locale-eb77adcd7c42bc44391db2979927198c.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-doipubidplugin.php
fc-locale-1c126df729426aff81f5f3a7d96c0f54.php   fc-locale-ee2e16995d3d642d898806a469e591d0.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-fontsizeblockplugin.php
fc-locale-1cfde42be2b25bdac1c9a16538de37a8.php   fc-locale-eeddea90b8b2452b5b1fabc0826139f1.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-googleanalyticsplugin.php
fc-locale-1eabbb8a0e71c303801f6c2f09513e93.php   fc-locale-ef6602d15867b3b9487688eee676d126.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-helpblockplugin.php
fc-locale-1f9dbf528d348783f017355b14ae9b3e.php   fc-locale-f0d95be66a424ed312397f8f0613757f.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-informationblockplugin.php
fc-locale-23ce67d114148fd9b7c1e045c15908a7.php   fc-locale-f125812c7aaa6c503f9fab812e1d8325.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-keywordcloudblockplugin.php
fc-locale-26f0587d0d2655cff6977ab79cd507d3.php   fc-locale-f151f99a37a4ec5ea3fe0eaf75e9a901.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-links.php
fc-locale-289f805dbcc50d60fd27f62325c88f5e.php   fc-locale-f229ed6413de8e5ac52a03586c17d6df.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-navigationblockplugin.php
fc-locale-28c6bdf773e93c42c2b64d3788d65706.php   fc-locale-f763442360302949482410a21de8cd19.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-notificationblockplugin.php
fc-locale-2b323344515b2991112af2469f9aaffe.php   fc-locale-f81c058be237d566ede9d7d3082dd07d.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-paypal.php
fc-locale-2fbbe635963c566bfacea5c8449ae019.php   fc-locale-f8c32ecc0add4871d68a22e487f4c044.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-plnplugin.php
fc-locale-30756403733bf69873442b7f2b0b1635.php   fc-locale-f90252dc6a63da3f259c3add542b2e84.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-readingtoolsblockplugin.php
fc-locale-30ade3af71c390241cfe899534e36d36.php   fc-locale-f94bd7474203d823e291319a7258c6c4.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-referralplugin.php
fc-locale-321bb18ebe5ac31d0385bf8c1bd71f1e.php   fc-locale-fd37eee0f85edbe92fe33fa1e0484763.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-relateditemsblockplugin.php
fc-locale-32de70b612cc9ebdfae5a7ddba703f7f.php   fc-locale-fd8775eb0e300ffe8b09bc9aa449efb0.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-roleblockplugin.php
fc-locale-330961b0314bff67e27d282ce9764c28.php   fc-locale-list.php                                 fc-pluginSettings-5-staticpagesplugin.php
fc-locale-35a194b05033d435ed8ba9150236ee1e.php   fc-pluginSettings-0-acronplugin.php                fc-pluginSettings-5-subscriptionblockplugin.php
fc-locale-3719c9270a4bef9d86b1066322f88ff6.php   fc-pluginSettings-0-coinsplugin.php                fc-pluginSettings-5-tinymceplugin.php
fc-locale-39ad57a0a799a092b476f7b3d029e60d.php   fc-pluginSettings-0-developedbyblockplugin.php     fc-pluginSettings-5-userblockplugin.php
fc-locale-3c43307ed4e0e3676fb9e0209db64863.php   fc-pluginSettings-0-donationblockplugin.php        fc-pluginSettings-5-webfeedblockplugin.php
fc-locale-3db02fca320135283dce6c5e8cd1d5df.php   fc-pluginSettings-0-fontsizeblockplugin.php        fc-pluginSettings-5-webfeedplugin.php
fc-locale-41160401839473398da948cf6b960392.php   fc-pluginSettings-0-helpblockplugin.php            fc-pluginSettings-6-adv_cmi.php
fc-locale-4205b6f236065dda86172722d0943d0e.php   fc-pluginSettings-0-languagetoggleblockplugin.php  fc-pluginSettings-6-adv_gilead.php
fc-locale-44376827bb5094030a161cd533da89ee.php   fc-pluginSettings-0-luceneplugin.php               fc-pluginSettings-6-adv_google.php
fc-locale-4bcc440e6b47fbf576ab9f30c1f1e221.php   fc-pluginSettings-0-mods34metadataplugin.php       fc-pluginSettings-6-authorbiosblockplugin.php
fc-locale-4fe234c80bfade31a88f3d1c3f89d52e.php   fc-pluginSettings-0-navigationblockplugin.php      fc-pluginSettings-6-crossrefexportplugin.php
fc-locale-5137a1280b1086f54885b488948ffabd.php   fc-pluginSettings-0-nlm30metadataplugin.php        fc-pluginSettings-6-customblockmanagerplugin.php
fc-locale-5578af0b34972beda6da355b7f4fab87.php   fc-pluginSettings-0-notificationblockplugin.php    fc-pluginSettings-6-developedbyblockplugin.php
fc-locale-5612b631975724bf18ae85ae09b2036d.php   fc-pluginSettings-0-openurl10metadataplugin.php    fc-pluginSettings-6-doipubidplugin.php
fc-locale-580a6d087ef1e13c12b824c9721a1bae.php   fc-pluginSettings-0-tinymceplugin.php              fc-pluginSettings-6-donationblockplugin.php
fc-locale-58ae6e045dfae552004307a6fb5255a8.php   fc-pluginSettings-0-usageeventplugin.php           fc-pluginSettings-6-fontsizeblockplugin.php
fc-locale-5b7f915a5b6983c4f63124942f31fdb3.php   fc-pluginSettings-0-usagestatsplugin.php           fc-pluginSettings-6-googleanalyticsplugin.php
fc-locale-5dd9630a81f2583c22107b46e5ce9966.php   fc-pluginSettings-0-userblockplugin.php            fc-pluginSettings-6-helpblockplugin.php
fc-locale-61dc07b427ce97bc92a77478efafd6bc.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-adv_gilead.php                 fc-pluginSettings-6-informationblockplugin.php
fc-locale-64b0f9e2ab826b49e3e93a096aba8259.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-adv_google.php                 fc-pluginSettings-6-keywordcloudblockplugin.php
fc-locale-666e6dc7ffc194c70f6e2b048d08e62c.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-adv_rhc.php                    fc-pluginSettings-6-languagetoggleblockplugin.php
fc-locale-679ecd1f2da3726bb4eef071ac7131ba.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-crossrefexportplugin.php       fc-pluginSettings-6-navigationblockplugin.php
fc-locale-68c008da1fccf44f05a79b6fe13fc230.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-customblockmanagerplugin.php   fc-pluginSettings-6-notificationblockplugin.php
fc-locale-6c956fa5865afb8a9159f2cd4a19955a.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-doipubidplugin.php             fc-pluginSettings-6-openaireplugin.php
fc-locale-6d792d88c128347bc89a2c2e115faaaf.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-fontsizeblockplugin.php        fc-pluginSettings-6-paypal.php
fc-locale-6fa0767503cb38f7692df1e92212ba27.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-googleanalyticsplugin.php      fc-pluginSettings-6-plnplugin.php
fc-locale-74a06b98a21881c0c27b82897282d04b.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-helpblockplugin.php            fc-pluginSettings-6-readingtoolsblockplugin.php
fc-locale-7c09ea9a8cb76186816cf7b6e63b703c.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-informationblockplugin.php     fc-pluginSettings-6-referralplugin.php
fc-locale-7c4942d219b564e45dca64885624b156.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-keywordcloudblockplugin.php    fc-pluginSettings-6-relateditemsblockplugin.php
fc-locale-8199a15074ae410d8bd1bcdcce1f6a55.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-navigationblockplugin.php      fc-pluginSettings-6-roleblockplugin.php
fc-locale-81a7b7244b850f5078b756252abc4054.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-openaireplugin.php             fc-pluginSettings-6-roundedcornersplugin.php
fc-locale-8811a6c05dc2a84d03fe0d06dc076c37.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-paypal.php                     fc-pluginSettings-6-staticpagesplugin.php
fc-locale-886bdf2835197208361e6f94d8c13c5e.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-plnplugin.php                  fc-pluginSettings-6-subscriptionblockplugin.php
fc-locale-8953a82a14a073e969af19cb171f5666.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-readingtoolsblockplugin.php    fc-pluginSettings-6-tinymceplugin.php
fc-locale-89d42a5273429a1f41f354a4b6298f42.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-referralplugin.php             fc-pluginSettings-6-userblockplugin.php
fc-locale-8bfc71ba75ece78c99018f74e29c7c53.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-relateditemsblockplugin.php    fc-pluginSettings-6-webfeedblockplugin.php
fc-locale-8c6e4d709f9828e38386df3b2b2ea859.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-roleblockplugin.php            fc-pluginSettings-6-webfeedplugin.php
fc-locale-8fa4e74d29c2d2c6840c521f0ef3f9c1.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-staticpagesplugin.php          fc-siteSettings-site.php
fc-locale-8fe847ac881daa63e88a02d2fb9c3d6e.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-subscriptionblockplugin.php    HTML
fc-locale-95d24e09ab8af6f9bb8a02f637efbefb.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-tinymceplugin.php              t_cache
fc-locale-96aaa80660bbcb2f60b6516cedd6c363.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-userblockplugin.php            t_compile
fc-locale-9ac3e959801c2a71b70855a9f0c11ef0.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-webfeedblockplugin.php         t_config
fc-locale-9cf556497a0a28d861170724b1b2313b.php   fc-pluginSettings-3-webfeedplugin.php              URI

I think here ( you can find all info about the server.

Thank you very much.

Hi @Enzo,

777 permissions are never safe to use; you may be opening yourself up to potential hacking if you’re running a shared server.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I tried to change permissions but I get blank pages.

Equally important to the numeric permissions is the file ownership. For example, ownership of apache:www with permissions of 750 means that the apache user can read, write and execute; anyone with the www group can read or execute; and the file is protected against access by anyone else. Note that “execute” means two entirely different things for directories than for files!

In general, you want your permissions set such that your webserver can read and write (recursively) to’s files_dir, and to ./cache/, and ./public/. Optionally, for added features and reduced security, you can enable read and write to ./plugins/ and perhaps to the locale .xml files.

Your webserver should have read-only access to all other files and directories distributed in the package.

Hi, I can’t avoid to set “executable” the public permission (so 751) for the common folder (not /cache, or /public). The ownership is root (the user that I use to access to the server) and the group is www-data.
If I set (for example) the /classes folder not executable for public permission I get blank page.
For /cache I have to extend the permissions.
Any suggestion?


Generally, the ownership of cache, public, and other web-writable directories should be your web user and the web-user’s primary group, for example apache:www-data. Permissions should probably be 750.

The ownership of the other non-web-writable directories should be your user, with either the web user’s group, or with public execute permissions. For example:
root:www-data with 750
root:root with 755.

Web-writable files would be the same, but without the execute permission:
apache:www-data with 640

Non-web-writable files would be perhaps:
root:www-data with 640
root:root with 644

I strongly recommend not using root as your user for general access, but rather using a non-privileged user instead and only escalating to root via su or sudo as needed. That is, however, running outside the scope of this forum.

Hi, from shell I tried to find the group used by Apache
With ps aux | egrep '(apache|httpd)
I get

www-data 17463 0.0 0.5 456296 20248 ? S mag29 0:31 /usr/sbin/apache2 -k start
www-data 18081 0.0 0.5 456536 20452 ? S mag29 0:31 /usr/sbin/apache2 -k start
www-data 22398 0.0 0.5 456340 20296 ? S mag29 0:25 /usr/sbin/apache2 -k start
www-data 45478 0.0 0.4 454212 19268 ? S 01:23 0:09 /usr/sbin/apache2 -k start
www-data 45479 0.0 0.4 454436 19544 ? S 01:23 0:09 /usr/sbin/apache2 -k start
www-data 53636 0.0 0.4 454532 19572 ? S 10:54 0:03 /usr/sbin/apache2 -k start
www-data 54872 0.0 0.4 454204 19276 ? S 13:10 0:01 /usr/sbin/apache2 -k start

So I changed the ownership and the group of OJS files and directory to www-data:www-data

If I try to change permission for example to the /cache directory I get blank page. I can also leave no permission to Owner and to Group (007) but If I remove permissions from Others I get blank page.


@Enzo, what user do you use when log in to the system? This is probably the user that should own most OJS files and directories.

The www-data user and group should be applied to only the cache, public, and files directories and their contents.

For example, I log into the system as ctgraham with group ulssysdev. In my case, multiple users work on these files, so files are generally owned by root and the group ulssysdev provides myself and my colleagues the needed access for changes. The web user apache generally gets access via the world/other permissions. The apache user owns the few directories where write permissions are needed.

drwxrwsr-x  7 apache   apache    36864 May 22 20:43 cache
drwxrwsr-x 36 root     ulssysdev  4096 Mar 10 09:18 classes
-rw-rw-r--  1 root     ulssysdev 16651 Mar 10 09:18
-rw-rw-r--  1 ctgraham ulssysdev 16651 Mar 10 09:18
drwxrwsr-x  4 root     ulssysdev  4096 Mar 10 09:18 controllers
drwxrwsr-x  3 root     ulssysdev  4096 Mar 10 09:18 dbscripts
drwxrwsr-x  4 root     ulssysdev  4096 Mar 10 09:18 docs
-rw-rw-r--  1 root     ulssysdev  1150 Mar 10 09:18 favicon.ico
drwxrwsr-x 20 root     ulssysdev  4096 Mar 10 09:18 help
-rw-rw-r--  1 root     ulssysdev  2791 Mar 10 09:18 index.php
drwxrwsr-x  4 root     ulssysdev  4096 Mar 10 09:18 js
drwxrwsr-x  4 root     ulssysdev  4096 Mar 10 09:18 lib
drwxrwsr-x 38 root     ulssysdev  4096 Mar 10 09:18 locale
drwxrwsr-x 30 root     ulssysdev  4096 Mar 10 09:18 pages
drwxrwsr-x 18 root     ulssysdev  4096 Mar 10 09:18 plugins
drwxrwsr-x  4 apache   apache     4096 Mar  4 15:21 public
drwxrwsr-x  2 root     ulssysdev  4096 Mar 10 09:18 registry
-rw-rw-r--  1 root     ulssysdev    31 Mar 10 09:18 robots.txt
drwxrwsr-x  7 root     ulssysdev  4096 Mar 10 09:18 rt
drwxrwsr-x  3 root     ulssysdev  4096 Mar 10 09:18 styles
drwxrwsr-x 32 root     ulssysdev  4096 Mar 10 09:18 templates
drwxrwsr-x  7 root     ulssysdev  4096 Mar 10 09:18 tests
drwxrwsr-x  2 root     ulssysdev  4096 Mar 10 09:18 tools

We are having thee same issue with PEAR installation on Debian / Plesk Server, however the package is installed now and the

include_path .:/usr/share/php/pear

I am not sure if I need the .: before the path, however what is it in this path we are looking for? Is it System.php, in my case it is in .:/usr/share/php/

root@koyauniversity ~ # pear list
Installed packages, channel

Package Version State
Archive_Tar 1.3.7 stable
Console_Getopt 1.2.3 stable
PEAR 1.9.1 stable
Structures_Graph 1.0.3 stable
XML_Util 1.2.1 stable

added, but still can not start the PKP PLN Plugin, as it ask for Archive_Tar PH extension, May ask whether this problem was solved please?

The check at point 4 recommended at this site

did not work

and I keep getting

root@koyauniversity ~ # bool(true)
-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `true’

But the PHAR shows that TAR is enabled


Phar: PHP Archive support enabled
Phar EXT version 2.0.1
Phar API version 1.1.1
SVN revision $Revision: 298908 $
Phar-based phar archives enabled
Tar-based phar archives enabled
ZIP-based phar archives enabled
gzip compression enabled
bzip2 compression enabled
OpenSSL support enabled

Nevertheless in my php ini it says below and I can not see (tar) among them

Registered PHP Streams: https, ftps, compress.zlib, compress.bzip2, php, file, glob, data, http, ftp, phar, zip

OJS need to think simple and practical in future development, take ZIP as it is supported painlessly by all type of servers

@Dilan_Rostam, you should see a message in your webserver’s error log regarding why “check_pear.php” gives a white screen on your system.

If you want to run check_pear.php from the command line, navigate to your web root and type php check_pear.php. It looks like you are trying to run bool(true) from the command line, which will not work. The text bool(true) is the output you would expect from the command line or from the web interface if check_pear.php is successful.

I am sorry I am new to Linux, we run a Debian dedicated server with Plesk,
The command on web root gave me

php check_pear.php Could not open input file: check_pear.php

I used the command

grep -i error /var/log/messages

but it does bot show any information about check_pear.php

To run the check_pear.php script from the command line, you’ll need to be in the same directory as the check_pear.php script, or you’ll need to specify the full path. For example, your document root might be: /var/www/html/ojs/ The exact path will depend on your configuration.

Similarly, there will be a dedicated path to your webserver error logs, also depending on your configuration. As a starting point, see:

Ohh sure I did so, just for security reason I did not post it here. I did cd /var…/aro and then ran the php command

Here it is

cd /var/www/vhosts/

php check_pear.php

Could not open input file: check_pear.php

If that file exists in that directory, the most likely reason you wouldn’t be able to run it is file ownership and permissions. You can check the ownership and permissions by typing ls -l in that directory.

You will probably be more interested, however, in finding the Apache error log and looking at the error output there. There can be PHP configuration differences when it is run by the webserver vs. run by command line, and you are primarily interested in the webserver configuration.

Thank you, Now I see what the problem was, I needed to go in httpdocs floder, now it gives me bool (true) things

root@koyauniversity /var/www/vhosts/ # php check_pear.php

But the issue with Archive TAR still presist and we can not activate the Plugin

Is this path (include_path .:/usr/share/php) suppose to just point to the folder of PEAR or to the location of System.php

The include path should have a reference to the PEAR folder, such as ‘.:/usr/share/php::/usr/local/php/pear/’. (Your actual include path will vary.)

The include path will need to be available to the webserver, not just the command line. You can check the include path available to the webserver via the phpinfo output:
User Home → Site Administrator → System Information → Extended System Information

Does check_pear.php also give bool(true) if run from the web?

I changed the value for include_path to .:/usr/share/php/PEAR and it is the same for local and master as it should here in php info

The check does not desplay anything in browser

I checked this in OJS , User Home → Site Administrator → System Information → Extended System Information
and the php info is the same data for MASTER (.:/usr/share/php/PEAR) and for local I see this

include_path .:/var/www/vhosts/

To see why the web browser doesn’t display anything for the check_pear.php script, you’ll need to find the webserver’s error log.

Also, please confirm that the file /usr/share/php/PEAR/Archive/Tar.php exists (this is case sensitive).

You can run the phpinfo() command directly from within OJS rather than exposing it via the check_php.php script. To do so, log in as the Site Administrator, then follow the path:

User Home (main navigation) →
Site Administrator (from your roles) →
System Information (under Administrative Functions) →
Extended System Information (all the way at the bottom of the page)