PKP is Seeking Volunteer Translators for Documentation!

PKP is seeking volunteer translators to translate our documentation into different languages!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our volunteers, PKP’s software has been translated into 45+ different languages. Our user base is global, and we want to continually improve the accessibility of our tools for academic publishing communities worldwide.

In addition to our open source software and publishing services, PKP also maintains an extensive library of documentation for its users at PKP Docs. Our collection of documentation includes user guides for OJS, OMP, and OPS as well as guides for branding journals; starting student journals; improving accessibility, discoverability, and indexing; and much more.

PKP has recently adopted Crowdin as a platform for translating these guides so the information can be more easily shared with our global community.

If you are interested in volunteering, please read the documentation translation guide to learn how to register and participate.

Please don’t hesitate to send any questions you may have about documentation translation to

I have registered at Crowdin but cannot find any PKP Documentation project … Is it still a work in process?

Hi @hilongo! Sorry, I investigated after seeing your comment and I realized I hadn’t given access to the specific project! You should be able to see it now.

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I signed up for Crowdin, but I can’t seem to discover any PKP Documentation projects... Is it still in the works?

@ EmmaU no response.

Hi @chrisjordan, can you please message me your username on Crowdin? Sometimes I have to manually add people to the project, I thought I had everyone but I must be overlooking you.

@ EmmaU sure i will share you