Permission Level VS Role

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In the UI, Role means UserGroup in the source code, and Permission Level means ROLE(_ID).
Maybe, rename Role::ROLE_ID… to something like Permission::PERMISSION_LEVEL_ID in source code could be great

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Technical Support who discuss with all users, and sometimes there are misunderstandings about these terms

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Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

Hi @kara28,

I hear you on this – we have many cases where the wording in the code has evolved differently than the wording in the UI! (Another example: Discussions in the UI are Queries in the code.) However, it can be very painful to change these – imposing a bulk search-and-replace on all plugin authors who refer to role IDs, for example – so we try to look for situations where a change becomes necessary and hit two birds with one stone.

At the moment we’re gradually adopting more Laravel tools, and are considering some role/group management tools; if their adoption looks like a positive move, we’ll standardize terminology along those lines.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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