Permalinks to an OJS-journal for creating image map on facebook

I got a question from one of our editors in Dresden, Germany. She wants to create an image map of her journal on Facebook. I guess it should look like this. Maybe this isn’t state of the art anymore? The WSJ doesn’t have this News-tab anymore. I don’t know what’s current on social media platforms. eLife doesn’t have this tab neither.

However, our editor would like to use permalinks of searches on her journal’s subject terms for that image map. I found a discussion on permalinks to OMP in the old forum. Do you think it fits here?

Should I look for someone with some PHP skills?

And does anyone happen to know any examples of OJS-journals with Facebook pages with these image maps?

You can use a GET request instead of a post request to perform a search from an external link. For example:
This wouldn’t require any special PHP skills and you could embed these links from anywhere, including a off site image map.

I don’t have any feedback on whether using FBML to create a image map in Facebook is a current best practice. That might be a question for a more Facebook oriented forum.