PDF Viewer half screen OJS 3

I have enabled the PDF Viewer but when I click the PDF it shows the viewer on my half screen on the browser:

Hi @vebaev,

I see some sort of toolbar on the bottom left. Is that part of the browser or is it a window from another application that got captured by accident?

I’m guessing that you’re not using the default theme plugin; could you try that for a moment to see if it restores the view to full-screen?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowedge Project Team

Hi @asmecher

I’m using Boostrap 3 Theme with default PDF.JS PDF Viewer

A new version of the Bootstrap3 theme will be released to coincide with changes in OJS 3.0.1, released last week. I’ll try to get this fixed with that version. You can follow progress in this issue.

Hi @NateWr,

We use own theme, could you point to needed CSS changes in this case?

The best thing to do is to look at the commit logs to see what changes have been made since the last release. I can see the previous release was on 7 Feb. So I’d look at the commit logs to see all changes since then.

GitHub has a helpful feature for viewing all changes between two commits. This will show you everything on the current master branch since Feb 8:

(You can do the same with git on the command line if you prefer.)

Sorry @Vitaliy, I thought you were looking for changes for OJS 3.1. The changes specific to the PDF half-screen view fix are in two commits:

Both are linked from the issue if you want any more background: PDF viewer uses only half of screen height · Issue #34 · NateWr/bootstrap3 · GitHub

Thanks, I have applied CSS for iframe element. Explicitly adding a height has solved the problem.

We use OJS 3.1 and own theme (not child-theme, but from the scratch).

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