PDF to JATS XML Converter

Greetings to the community and all OJS users,

Introducing Typeset’s free PDF to JATS XML Converter for importing your PDF files of journal articles into JATS XML format.

Typeset PDF to JATS XML Converter automatically generates high-quality article-level JATS XML files that can be easily exported as galley files for journal publication on OJS. Using the converter, you can create galley files from production-ready PDF files and upload them on OJS to directly publish your articles online.

3 quick steps for converting a PDF file to JATS XML:

  1. Go to PDF to JATS XML Converter for Journals and upload your PDF file (*.pdf) to convert.

  2. Fill in the required details: Your email (to receive the JATS XML-formatted file) and Journal or Organization name. Then choose your role — Publisher, Editorial Staff, Research Scholar, etc.

  3. Click on “Convert Now.” Your JATS XML-formatted journal article is ready to be imported into OJS.

Additional Information:

  • You can use several plugins from OJS’s plugin gallery to transform Typeset-generated JATS XML files into an HTML display that is compatible with the OJS environment.

  • The machine-readable JATS XML files produced by Typeset’s PDF to JATS XML Converter are richly tagged and get indexed in search engines effectively.

Try this tool and don’t hesitate to ask any questions or raise your queries.


PDF to JATS XML Converter doesn’t work and always show an error. I believe this is only for collecting organization emails for marketing purpose.

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Thanks for notifying this @esciencepress . I have alerted our engineering team on this.
This is a free service and we are currently running it on a small server.

Due to the current scale of requests, we will be putting up a larger server to accommodate all the new requests starting from Monday (14th June 2021).

Kindly hold on for 24 - 48 hours as we go ahead to bring the service back up again.

I can assure you that the service is not intended as a marketing gimmick for just collecting emails. :slight_smile:

It works now as expected and stated by @shanu_typeset

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Thanks for the update @knjigor.

We have also updated our other XML converters for easy and quick transformation of journal articles into highly structured formats.

You can convert your MS Word files into JATS XML-formatted articles using our tool. Just go to MS-WORD to JATS XML Converter for Journals & Publishers and follow the similar steps as PDF to JATS XML converter.

Additionally, we have PMC XML, SciELO XML, and Crossref XML converters that help simplify your journal article submissions on OJS.


Thanks for the update @shanu_typeset :slight_smile:

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