Participants Query Translation. What could be wrong2?


I’m using the OJS system for the first time for a geographic institute project in my country, so I need the whole system in the brazillian portuguese language.

So, I could normally install the language and I could do without problems some residual translations that were missing, in the xml files inside the locale folder. But in a specific case I don’t know what to do exactly.

I put some images links to illustrate the fields I’m talking about. Is a list of imiwin and imibet participants inside the comment area, in the evaluation stage of the submissions.

Translation Query Issues

Hi @thanakornenc,

Some members of the translation community may wish to weigh in further, but you may wish to have a look at our translation guide here:

Additionally, we use a platform for translation called Weblate, which reports on the availability of translations. For OJS 3.2 at least, there does appear to be good availability for the translation for Brazilian Portuguese: