Papers in Physics upgraded to OJS

Our journal site Papers in Physics, was successfully upgraded to the latest OJS version. We made a big jump from OJS, helped by the people of our new hosting who made the upgrade possible. As an editor, I want to thank to the OJS developers and the PKP community in general for making this great tool publicly available.
Any particular comments on our website are welcome!

I’m convinced that, besides the pertinence of the scientific content, we need our journals to look “nicer” and to provide all the interesting available tools in the world of online journals. That’s why OJS 3.x has been a huge step forward, and further integration with CrossRef buttons, Overleaf, Publons, Altmetrics and soclial media en general, will be much welcome.
Those of you who know how to do it, please keep producing nice plugins! The rest of us are grateful.

Best regards,