Páginas en blanco instalando el OJS / Blank pages installing OJS

Actually i need to use the OJS for a Journal on that i want to begin. Now, i use a Debian server who is provided by the university where i want to do my develop… But when i do all the install process the pkp put on the dowload page they does not really work. In this server actually work a past version of the journal but i dont know how exactly go upgrade or do a new install.

The link of the jorunal is:

If someone can give me a hand for solve this kind of errors i really be open to receive that.


A blank page usually means a fatal PHP error.

Have you reviewed this FAQ? When I click some button or follow some link, I'm left with a blank page. What do I do?
Details on the error should be available in the error log.

There is a special case where a blank page appears at install time but no helpful error appears in the log. I’ve seen this if php’s mysql libraries are not installed. For a brand new server, you will want to confirm this prerequisite as well.