ORCID-Field in OJS3 does not accept https

If you want to edit an ORCID to the author’s metdata ORCID-field with https the last number of the ORCID will be cut. You must choose http. I think it would be fine to change this restriction.

Hi @uwr,

Until fairly recently, ORCiD explicitly required the use of http, but now they permit (and recommend) https. Support for this has already been added for the next release: Permit HTTPS support in ORCIDs · Issue #2660 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks, that’s great!

Dear @asmecher,
I have been using OJS 3.1 but still I cannot input https in orcid field. Doing so will cut-off the last digit of orcid. I have to write http instead.

Hasn’t this change been adopted in OJS 3.1?


Hi @anupent,

You’re right, the https prefix is allowed in OJS 3.1.0 but the maximum length is now one character short in that case. You can extend it by applying this patch in lib/pkp, and if you’re using the ORCID Profile Plugin, you can apply this patch in plugins/generic/orcidProfile.

This will be resolved in the next release.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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I’ve been noticing a lot of OJS journals that I use still don’t allow https whereas the ORCID site is now by default generating https:// URLs. Is this just an issue with journals not upgrading their software? Maybe there needs to be a patch to earlier versions if folks are still running older versions?

Hi @queerpedagogue,

https is not supported up to OJS 3.1 but there is a patch as described in a post above by @asmecher. I had applied the patch to 3.1 but was still unable to write https.

Now I have upgarded to OJS 3.1.1 and it accepts https.


I’m not a journal editor - just have been frustrated creating accounts on OJS sites since they’re not accepting the URLs from ORCID’s website anymore because of this problem. I think most folks will just give up and not put in their ORCID rather than figure out the problem!

Maybe ORCID could put a note saying - if this doesn’t work when you paste it in a journal’s profile page, remove the s and try again?

hi @queerpedagogue,
Keep calm buddy.

The field in the oricid accepts one character less than what is in the https link.

So, I suggest you copy and paste your orcid link anywhere, then remove s from https and copy and past the result link to your oricid input form.

If you do it directly in the OJS, it will cut the last letter/number. In that case you have to remove s from https and also add the last digit manually. It will help you to enter orcid even without https support.

Let me know whether you were successful.

Best regards.

Dear @asmecher,
It still doesn’t work properly for OJS 3.1.1. Still a char shorter…?

EDIT: Nope, it is good. But if you copy from somewhere and by chance have a space in the beginning, it will drop the last char. I would make the field limit larger, and just validate after trimming spaces. But you may find it better this way…