Option for Authors to Select Intended Issue/Volume at Submission

The problem I would like to solve
Currently, in OJS, the Future Issues section allows for the placement of accepted submissions that are ready for publication but have not been assigned to a specific volume. However, for journals like ours (The Polish Journal of Aesthetics), where authors always submit to specific volumes announced beforehand via Call for Papers (CfP), this system is not intuitive. Editors and administrators face the challenge of navigating through the list of submissions without clear indicators of which submission pertains to which preplanned volume.

The solution I’d like
I propose the introduction of a feature that allows authors to select the intended CfP or the planned future issue/volume during the submission process. This feature would automatically tag or flag the submissions, providing a visible indicator in the submissions list, highlighting its intended volume. Ideally, this would also be filterable, enabling easy categorization and management of submissions per volume.

Example: Frontend implementation for authors:

**Who is asking for this feature? **
This feature is primarily requested by Journal Editors and Journal Administrators, who are responsible for organizing, reviewing, and publishing submissions. It would also benefit Authors, ensuring that their work is categorized correctly according to their intent.

Additional information
Having this feature would not only streamline the editorial and administrative workflow but also reduce the risk of publishing content in the wrong volume. It enhances the accuracy of submissions management and improves the overall experience for all parties involved. I am keen to collaborate with any interested individuals from the community who recognize the value of this improvement and are interested in its implementation.