OPS metadata schema in compliance with Crossref infrastructure

Dear PKP team,

Greetings. OPS is an excellent project. During the request of the DOI prefix for our preprint server, the Crossref team asked me whether the metadata schema that OPS exports based on the DOI module is suitable for their infraestructure. The metadata schema can be found in the following link Posted content (includes preprints) markup guide - Crossref It might be a silly question since PKP collaborates with Crossref in certain projects but is the metadata schema exported with the DOI plugin in OPS suitable for Crossref infrastructure?

Best regards,


We have followed the Crossref guidelines when we created the Crossref plugin for OPS. We also received feedback from Crossref so everything should be according to their schema. I am happy to hear if you encounter any problems or have any particular questions about the DOI registration in OPS. I am sure that there is a lot to improve there.