OPS metadata and author permissions

Hi all,

I am the server manager for SportRxiv (sportrxiv.org) and we recently switched to OPS to host our content.

Overall, everything is working fine but we have run into 2 issues (one major; one minor) that I think need to be addressed in future updates.

  1. Abstracts are currently not exported to CrossRef in the metadata. At first I thought this wouldn’t be too much of an issue but this prevents us from being listed on Europe PMC (and is are only barrier to entry). We only support one language on our server so I feel like the fix here wouldn’t be too difficult.

  2. Minor issue here but we have the author version plugin installed but this doesn’t allow authors to post a new update. It’s nice that they can create a new version and edit the preprint, but without the ability to post it authors are getting somewhat frustrated because they have to wait for a moderator to post something that has already been approved.

Lovely job on OPS from everyone involved. Just trying to make 2 small suggestions to improve the platform.



Hi @arcaldwell49,

Thanks for your post and bringing our attention to your site - great to see groups like yours using OPS. Good points about the CrossRef and author versions plugin - can you let me know what version of the author version plugin you’re using and where you obtained it from (Github, perhaps?). I can’t see it in the plugin gallery in the version of OPS that I’m looking at?

PKP Team

Hi Roger,

Thank you all for putting in the work to create OPS. It’s been a godsend for our organization.

For the author version plugin I pulled this version from GitHub. If it could be added to the plugin gallery that would also make my life much easier

Hi @arcaldwell49,

Thank you - but I can hardly take the credit :grin:

For the feature change for the plugin. This looks like it is externally developed - so not a PKP developer, but what you might want to do is do a request for the feature on the developer’s repository by opening an issue here: Issues · lepidus/authorVersion · GitHub

@NateWr - would it be possible to get this added to the plugin gallery. And, any thoughts on the CrossRef issue?

PKP Team

Hi @arcaldwell49,

Actually - a quick update. @ajnyga - is planning to address the abstract inclusion as part of some work he is doing (thanks, @ajnyga!)

PKP Team

I believe the lepidus/authorVersion plugin is built and maintained by ScieLO. Perhaps @alexxxmendonca knows whether or not they aim to release it on the plugin gallery.

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Hi @NateWr and @arcaldwell49

Yes, this plugin was built and is maintained by us in collaboration with Lepidus.

Not granting permission for authors to post their versions is an intended behavior. We noticed that more often than so authors make mistakes when uploading and posting new versions of their preprints (ie: they upload the version that was published in a journal or the new version sometimes might have problems that go against our editorial policy). The error and misunderstanding rate is pretty high on their part (likely because preprinting is still fairly new and the community is not completely familiar on how to work with them).

Because of that, we want to have control over new versions.

At this point, it is not interesting for us to grant that permission to authors, but the plugin is open for modifications by the community.

@NateWr forgot to answer about adding the plugin to the Plugin Gallery.

We could! But because of that particularily I mentioned on my previous message, maybe it’s too SciELO-centric?

But of course, if more people find it useful we could definitely work on adding it to the Gallery.

What do you think?

HI @alexxxmendonca, that’s entirely up to SciELO. Sharing plugins through the Plugin Gallery is a great way to give back to the community, but it usually means that you’ll have maintenance expectations that arise from outside of your organisation (for example, other preprint servers using your plugin may expect you to keep it up-to-date with the latest OPS version, even if SciELO hasn’t upgraded yet).

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