OPS Categories on Main Pain

I have a OPS installed and everything works great. However, the one issue I have is that there are too many categories for them to display nicely on the main page. I either need to make it so that the categories show up on more than one line or that the main page doesn’t show the categories, rather just the search bar and latest preprints. The problem is that I have spent days and can’t figure out how to do it. I know it can be done because I’ve seen it done on https://preprints.scielo.org/index.php/scielo.

And if anyone knows how they made the logo and links at the top to be centered, I’d appreciate knowing that as well!


Hi @jpna,

Can you indicate which version of OPS you’re using (please indicate version # in your post - e.g. 3.3.0-8, as it is relevant to others to be able to assist in troubleshooting). @alexxxmendonca - curious if you know and can advise on how Scielo handled some of these design features, and can provide some advice here.

PKP Team

Hi @jpna !

For the categories to appear one below the other, we used the Navigation menu: Website → Setup → Navigation. It lets you have parent/child relationship between the menus.

For making them centralized, we use a theme that was developed by Lepidus. The theme centralizes automatically do I wouldn’t know how to do it.

@abadan would you be able to help?


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