Opinions for uploading back issues and assigning DOIs to its articles

Hello everyone, we are migrating our Journal from the print/PDF Distribution format to an OJS based system.

We have 29 previous magazines, with about 5 articles each (Average).

I’m new, so I would like, please, if you to tell me if this steps process to follow is reasonable and correct:

1- Create each of the 29 issues
2- Add each article to its corresponding issue, Category and section through the QuickSubmit plugin.
3- Once all issues are complete and publicated, assign the DOIs for all the articles uploaded using the option “Assign DOI” in the Public identifier Plugin (DOI).


As I understand, using this option assigns DOIs to ALL the articles that do not have one already assigned, therefore to all the articles of the previous 29 numbers that we uploaded through the QuickSubmit Plugin, would automatically be assigned their corresponding DOIs, right?

I would very much appreciate your opinions and suggestions, thank you very much in advance.

Do your articles already have a DOI?

You should not use this method if your articles already have DOIs. This method is for assigning new DOIs to articles.

If your old articles have DOIs
Find out the publication_id of your articles in OJS database.

Then assign the existing DOIs to all your articles with a query like the one below.

INSERT INTO `publication_settings` (`publication_id`, `locale`, `setting_name`, `setting_value`) VALUES

(1, '', 'pub-id::doi', '10.22120/jou.2020.26903'),
(2, '','pub-id::doi','10.22120/jou.2020.26904'),
(29, '','pub-id::doi','10.22120/jou.2020.26909');


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Hello Kerimsarigul, thank you very much for the answer…

None of the articles have assigned DOIs, our NGO has just registered in Crossref two weeks ago and we are just starting with the DOIs.

Our Journal is “DOIs free” right now…so before we start uploading the new issues, we believe it would be correct and orderly to start with the issues already published in previous years.

We have the pdfs of the articles, ready to upload into the system via Quicksubmit plugin, and we want to assign them their corresponding DOIs (which they don’t have).

So… from what we’ve been researching, the steps I listed in the first post we believe are correct, but we want to make sure of that.

Would this procedure be correct or is there something that we have to take into account that we may be missing when proceeding in this way?

Yes, your method is correct.
If you want to assign DOIs to your old articles, you can use this method.

Kerim, Thank you very much, i really appreciate your help and support.

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Hello. I want to ask. We want to assign DOIs to our back issues. The articles are already published. I followed all the steps, however once I clik "ok’ in assigning DOI, it does not respond and nothing happens. What should I do? Thank you.

Hello @Jewelle_Olarte,

If you have already assigned the DOIs to the articles, then you must go to the CrossRef XML export module.

(Images in Spanish)

In the “Articles” tab, select all the articles to which you previously assigned their DOIs.

To finish, click on deposit and that’s it. In a few minutes you should receive an email for each item deposited telling you if it was correct or if there is a problem.

I hope I’ve helped…

Hi. I haven’t assigned DOIs yet. Whenever I do the assign doi on the doi plugin, it doesn’t respond and nothing happens. I am thinkinv whether I should unpublish the back issues and assign dois manually or not.

You sayed in back post this:

"once I clik “ok’ in assigning DOI, it does not respond and nothing happens. What should I do? Thank you.”

So… if you have already done it, you have already assigned the DOIs to the articles.

But you must finish the process of exporting those DOIs to CrossRef (or the agency you have chosen) using the CrossRef export plugin , because they are the “entity” that assigns the DOIs. Only after this will the DOIs actually be displayed on your website (if there is no problem).

Remember that you must have your CrossRef access data configured in the plugin beforehand.