Openjournaltheme provide you with affordable OJS Themes, Plugins and Services 📌 started in 2018 by a passionate team that focused to provide affordable OJS products and services, we have been trusted by hundreds of clients order from around the globe (US, UK, Poland, Austria, Brazil, Columbia, Italy, India, Indonesia and others) with a successful and satisfaction rate of 100%. See how our costumer satisfied with our service ? here

We provide OJS service such as :
1.OJS upgrade

  • OJS 2.x to OJS 3.x
  • OJS 3.x to OJS 3.x

2.OJS Complete Installation
3.OJS Paypal Integration
4.OJS Fix
5.OJS Migration

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We also provide OJS theme with the concept of a beautiful visual aspect of journal view and maximize functionality of the journal publication system.

1.Academic Pro
2.Academic Pro extended
5.Custom OJS Theme
If you need help to customize your OJS theme we also provide the service.

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Your issue OJS will be handled by the team consisting of web developers, server administrators, OJS support specialists who help you find solutions and directly handle your problems with OJS.

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