ONIX problems after upgrade (OMP to

Hi all,

I’m getting some weird issues after upgrading the OMP to

Any lists in the user (editor) dashboard related to ONIX can’t load, such as publication date types in PDF settings, codes for audiences and similar. The dropdown is simply empty.


Upon further inspection, and turning on errors in config.inc.php, I get these errors when viewing the book (where ONIX should appear):

Warning: assert(): Assertion failed in /[redacted]/books/classes/codelist/ONIXCodelistItemDAO.inc.php on line 91

as well as

Warning : assert(): Assertion failed in /[redacted]/books/classes/publicationFormat/PublicationDate.inc.php on line 157


At first I thought it was a problem with my custom template, but after switching to the default template, the problem persists. I did the “php tools/upgrade.php upgrade” which reported no errors.

The values themselves appear both in forms and on site, but the attributes don’t. They were there before the upgrade. Attaching a couple of screenshots as well.

Anyone have any idea what’s going on?

Hi @jmvezic,

Do you have XSL support in your PHP setup?

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi, @astevens

Thanks! That was it! I did have it installed but I removed it and installed again, restarted Apache and it’s working now, must have been some sort of misconfiguration on my part. Thank you!

Hi @jmvezic

I’m so glad to hear that! Thanks for saying so.