OMP1.2: strange behavior with list items

Hi all,
I have a strange behavior for some lists in a static text.
Here the text formatted in the Masthead editor:

The mark-up is common html with p, ol and li.

When i go to look the text in the frontend it is like this:

The rendering adds an arbitrary first item, in all the lists.

Thank you

I found other problems about text formatting, the Masthead editor adds a lot of extra <br> in the saved text.
And the page results too stretched.

if in a text I add a tag: blockquote, it is erased saving the text
if I add a p class=“quote” the class is erased at final rendering

There is something that clears too much the html?


Hi @Alfredo_Cosco,

I suspect there are two things happening at once: TinyMCE is changing your HTML somewhat, which may account for the extra list elements and br tags; and OJS is stripping certain elements out of the HTML as part of its XSS protection.

For the first part, I’d suggest checking what TinyMCE is doing behind the scenes by clicking the HTML button within TinyMCE.

The latter part of this can be adjusted to permit classes and blockquotes by changing the allowed_html setting in

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Helo @asmecher,
i configured the
adding the tags we need: blockquotes and paragraphs with classes.

Then i removed from the list the br tag, so the parser erases all the unrequested br before the final rendering.

This removed also the problem of the extra li tag at the beginning of any list.

So we have a better control of spaces but we can’t use br in the code of our pages.