[OMP] Sitemap generation

Hi all good day,

Do you have any experience or tip for generate OMP 1.2 sitemap?


Cristhian Rey
Bogotá Colombia

I do not, but do you mean a google sitemap?

Yes I would like to generate sitemap for google indexing something like OJS
sitemap. E.g.:

Quedo atento a cualquier inquietud o sugerencia.


Eng. Cristhian Andres Rey Casadiego.
e-Automation Developer & IT Consultant.
Mobile: (+57) 321 258 8412

True, the sitemap generation code seems to present only in Open Journal Systems and Open Conference Systems.

See [OMP] Port OJS' XML Sitemap functionality to OMP · Issue #555 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub for a related issue.