OMP integration with Plumx Analytics

One question, is there any way to integrate OMP to Plumx Analytics? I had been talking to them and they ask me if there is a way that OMP sends statistics thru OAI.

For OJS is working but I don’t know how they obtain the information.

The University of Pittsburgh is a pilot install with PlumX and OJS. For us, Plum Analytics is currently discovering content via OAI, and harvesting usage statistics via SUSHI-Lite. SUSHI-Lite is a method for transferring COUNTER reports, which are a standard basis for usage statistic reporting.

Previously, we were uploading Crossref exports to Plum for content discovery and Plum was harvesting usage statistics via manually downloaded COUNTER reports.

I personally have not looked at the applicability of our work to OMP at this time.


I think I will focus on SUSHI-Lite compatibility with OMP or see if there is something similar for OMP.