OMP - institutional access

Hello to all,

First of all: Thank you for OJS, its amazing and works great.

Now im looking for a Site to host monographs. The books are a mix between OA books and OA books after 2 years and some not OA Books.
Very important to me is the access by IP range and a open access after a certain time.
i found a very interresting post about institutional access on the old forum. But i don’t wanted to answer a 2 year old topic on the “old” website.


My questions are:

do the actual omp has an access by IP range instead of login

If not:
Does it come in the near future

If not(again):
Is it difficoult to add this feature and can you give me some advise to do that.

Thank you

Hi @rob_narr,

OMP doesn’t yet support IP-based access limitations, and actually, this is probably the first time we’ve been asked about it.

However, that’s a common requirement for OJS, and we’re working hard to prepare OJS 3.0b for release; OJS 3.0b and OMP share a tremendous amount of code.

We’re targeting subscription/IP-based access for a follow-up to OJS 3.0, which won’t be due for perhaps a year. Once that’s available, it’ll mean that IP-based access controls are either available in OMP, or can be very easily ported and applied there from the OJS codebase.

Long story short, if you need IP-based access control before then, you’ll need to find a local work-around. In order to do that, you’ll need to control access to a few functions in pages/catalog/ – that’s where requests for the public-facing catalog for a particular book are handled.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team