OMP ePub viewer plugin

Hello everyone!
Why doesn’t the OMP include a plugin to display ePub books?
OJS apparently does, and you are more likely to find a book in ePub than a journal article.
So I kindly make the request for an ePub reader to be included.
I think the OMP is not being used 100%, it has a lot of possibilities that are still out:

  • List by year of publication.
  • List by author
  • Advanced search engine

Anyway it is much appreciated the effort you have made so far, I just updated to version 3.3.0-3 and everything went smoothly.


Hi @dagosalas,

Is this the OJS plugin that you are referring to: GitHub - EKT/epubJsViewer-ojs ?

If so, I see that it hasn’t been ported to OMP as of yet. If you are interested in seeing a version developed for OMP, you may want to reach to the develoiper and see if that is feasible.

Thanks for your comments regarding your recent 3.3 experience - pleased to hear that!

Best regards,

PKP Staff