OMP edited volume with multiple authors

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I apologize, but I have read all the material and couldn’t find an answer. We have to publish a book that is in two volumes. It’s got three editors and 47 authors (one for each chapter).

We had each author submit their chapter with their own account and with the option “chapter manuscript”

How can we put them all together so that we have one publication for the first volume and another publication for the second volume?

We would like it to appear on the website as something like this:
Studies in Honour of Guido Avezzù vol.1.1
edited by Silvia Bigliazzi, Francesco Lupi and Gherardo Ugolini
and then the whole index of chapters with their own author, as in the index of the real book

I am the admin so I thought that I could login as one of the editors (let’s say Silvia Bigliazzi) and then put together all the chapters to make the published volume, but for the love of me I can’t figure out how to do it. Am I doing something wrong?


Hi, @Alex_Zanutto, we are interested in how to manage edited volumes too.
I found this [OMP] How to make a book with several chapters and multiple authors? - #6 by asmecher that seems to be the only possible:

  1. each chapter is submitted as single book, possibly revised, and then all chapters are resubmitted as unique volume (or volumes, in you case) and, possibly after copyedit, produced/published, or

  2. all chapters are uploaded in one submission for volume by the volume editor, and then the editor add each chapter authors as chapter contributors, and all the other steps (review, copyedit, production) are made on this submission.

In that 2016 post, @asmecher mentioned that a scenario in which every chapter author can send his own chapter to the edited volume (this is the scenario we think would be the best) would be possible in future, but we think it is not yet implemented in 3.1.2-4…

@asmecher can you confirm I understood well the scenarios and give some advice on current and future OMP possibilities?

@Alex_Zanutto, which scenario were you thinking about when writing this post, and how did you manage the volume you mentioned?

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Hi all,

Currently there’s no way to take multiple submissions and wrap them together into a single submission e.g. organized as chapters. That’s not a workflow we’ve considered thus far.

At the moment it’ll be necessary to have a single submitting user enter the submission as a whole, including chapters. However, once that’s done, it is possible for an editor to use the Participants list to add additional user accounts as author assignments on the submission – this will grant them the same workflow capabilities as the user who initially submitted the submission, and should permit them to participate directly in post-submission activities like discussions, review, etc.

At the moment it’s not possible to enter a submission with only basic details, and then permit the author (or a set of authors) later to revise the fundamentals of the submission in the submission stage, e.g. so that they could work as a team to complete submission details on a chapter-per-user basis. At the moment the submission stage doesn’t allow that amount of control over the submission’s information as it’s assumed that those details were sufficiently reviewed during the submission process. However, changing that is probably the easiest pathway to the workflow you are both considering, I think.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

The second option @bolelligallevi described (having the volume editor collect all chapters outside OMP and then submit them all at once) is the solution that we finally came to, but not without some anguish. A future release that allowed multiple contributors to independently submit individual components into a larger volume would be welcomed very enthusiastically!

Thanks @asmecher and @racemochridhe for your answers.
@racemochridhe, how do you manage the review of the single chapters giving them to individual reviewers, can you perform it with OMP?
We would welcome too a future release allowing submission and review per chapter for edited volumes!
Best regards

@bolelligallevi, none of our edited collections have been peer-reviewed yet, so we’ve largely avoided that issue so far. We are anticipating doing volumes with peer-reviewed chapters in future, though, which is where this functionality (or, rather, the lack of it) becomes a major concern.

Just checking whether it is still the case that I can’t somehow assign an edited volume to a volume editor and have them manage submissions from multiple authors, including peer review.