OMP - DOI and ONIX export

Hi all,

We are using OMP 1.1.1. Is there a way to export DOIs and send them to crossref?
Another thing is that when we are trying to use the ONIX export plugin, we get a “Could not convert submissions.” error page.

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The DOI registration/deposit from OMP to Crossref is currently not implemented – you will have to register them manually.

ONIX export in OMP depends on a full metadata set, so the publication formats and catalog entries should be completed for everything. In order to get a better error message, please see here what you cold do: Also, double check if your series positions are entered for the book – I had that problem long time ago, s.


Thank you for your answer.

By manually you mean to manually write the XML file and then deposit it to CrossRef?

I will get back on the ONIX problem.

@Dimitris_Efstathiou, yes…

Dear all,

I am working on the OMP 3.1.0. It looks like the DOI export has not been implemented yet, right? I would just like to double check as I don’t find it.

Regards, Primož

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Hi @primozs

No, this is still not supported…


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@bozana: Do you have an idea if or when the DOI crossref module is going to be implemented?

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