OMP: Allow to include more types of books in the submission process

Describe the problem you would like to solve
Example: In addition to “Monograph” and “edited volume”, our publisher would like to include the option “adapted book”.

Describe the solution you’d like
Allow customization of book types. An “adapted book” originates from a translation that has been supplemented or commented upon by an author. So it does not fit into “monograph” and neither into “Translation”.

Who is asking for this feature?
A university press.

Additional information
Some presses also receive submissions for children’s books, poetry books, translated books, etc. So the options “monograph” and “edited volume” do not apply for all cases.

Hello @amandasramalho
There is already a solution for that. You are looking for the categories, in those categories you can diversify all the “types” of books you mention.

Monograph and edited volume refer more to the way it was created either by authors or collectively, not to the type of book you mention.
Try the categories, it is the solution.

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Hello @dagosalas !

Thanks for the solution on using the categories, I have already informed that to the publisher! But I don’t agree that it should be a definitive solution. We have university presses that publish children’s books, and this kind of book is not a monograph, although it is written by a single author. The same can apply to Biographies, textbooks, Essays, etc.
Or perhaps the question is not “type of book” but “type of authorship”: single or collective. Then it would apply to all books, no?

The OMP for taxonomy includes Categories and series to distribute the types of books, such as children’s books, adult books, foreign language books, etc. That’s enough with the categories. Now if there is a collection of children’s books, you can use the series as a form of collections, for example to have the Children’s Collection, and there will be different types of books (stories, novels, drawing books, etc.).
I think that if you play a little bit with the series and categories, you can generate many combinations.

Hi @dagosalas

It’s true, the combinations will create several ways to organize better. Thanks for all the help on this topic!

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