[OMP 3] Make a press at base directory

Is there a way to make the press path of the only press you have in OMP appear at the base directory, not at www.example/press?

Hi @jmvezic,

Yes, using a rewriting configuration as is possible e.g. with Apache’s mod_rewrite. See your config.inc.php file and look for Base URL override settings.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


I’m a little late to the reply, but such is the nature of big projects :slight_smile:

I can’t for the love of me manage to get this working. The situation is as follows: We have a simple home landing page on https://morepress.unizd.hr/ that should lead to https://morepress.unizd.hr/journals for the OJS installation and https://morepress.unizd.hr/books that should lead to an OMP installation. However, when I make a press, it goes https://morepress.unizd.hr/books/books. My goal is to remove the extra “books”.

So the structure should be:

No mater what htaccess and config.inc.php rules I try, I get all sorts of 500 errors, too many redirects errors and whatnot. I hope you’ll be able to help.