OMP 3 and XML viewer


OJS 3 has a nice plugin, Settings eLife Lens Article Viewer, to render XML galleys. Is something like that available also for the OMP?

Regards, Primož

There was a group in the recent PKP Sprint that worked on a eLens plugin for books based on BITS (BITS: Book Interchange Tag Set)

Maybe @Dulip_Withanage has time to give some details?


we did the intergration of the bits extenstions supported lens viewer for OJS 3 a few days back as a ojs 3 plugin.

This plugin is based on the extended lens viewer

We did not test it for OMP 3 , but it should work with minor modifications for OMP 3.

How accute is your requirement? I can look to intergrate it for OMP otherwise in a couple of weeks.

Best wishes,

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Hi @Dulip_Withanage,

It is not so urgent. We are in a phase of setting up the OMP for production and looking for different features. One of goals for next year is also start producing XMLs and that is why we are questioning about this. From your reply I believe you will be faster than us :slight_smile:
Please let me know when you have something, I am willing to test it.

Best regards, Primož

As promised last year, I have updated the plugin to work with ojs 3.1.2

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