OMP 3.4 Problem with path of the Cover image

When I upload a cover image, it cannot be displayed on the platform. After checking what happened I realized that it does not display it because it does not find the image. Every time I upload an image it is saved as submission_1_1_1_coverImage_en.jpg but when I view the frontend of the web page it looks for submission_1_1_1_coverImage_en_t.jpg.

Does anyone know why _t is added in the frontend?

Hi @aalva, do you see any errors in your PHP error log when the files are uploaded? During the cover image upload process a thumbnail is created (the _t file), but it sounds like your installation may not be successfully creating this file.

Hi @kaitlin, when I try to upload an image I get the following error:

Thanks @aalva, are any additional errors shown when you click the “Save” button after you upload the cover image file?

I get the following:

I solved the problem by installing apt install php-gd, thanks anyway.