OMP from beginner to expert. Looking for guidance

Hi everyone,

I am a copywriter/publisher based in Mexico City currently using OMP. I have no technical software background but am interested in learning as much as I can about OMP and using it to the best of my ability.

Since there are no tech staff in my publishing house (of 2 people), I currently rely on a lot of freelance work. However, I am keen to learn as much as I can and contribute to the development of OMP. I believe there is a lot of untapped potential in this tool for small or mid sized publishers.

So… here is my question/request. Is there a place where I can pursue a learning path or be guided to learn what I need to learn in order to make sure I can use OMP to the best of its potential? What I mean is this: what building blocks do I need to learn before being able to engage with the backend? So far, I think issues around hosting, CSS templates, and modules would be most helpful. Any pointers or mentorship/guidance on where to start would be much appreciated.


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Hi @szepeda,

Thanks for your interest in OMP. I know you noted that you’re using OMP, but for the technical side of things, OJS and PKP software in general run on the same codebase, so there are many similarities, so some of the technical documentation may be of interest:

Additionally, the most OMP specific thing we have is likely the Learning OMP guide:

We also have an OMP-related playlist on our Youtube channel: (much of the content is in Spanish)

Some of the content of our PKP school site, while not OMP-specific may also be of interest:

PKP Team

Thanks so much @rcgillis! This is a long-term learning journey, and I hope to learn more in the next few years. In the meantime, I will look at the videos and take it from there.


Igualmente tenemos el foro en español donde podemos ayudarte.