OMP 3.3 - allowing institutions/organizations as volume editors

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding the list of contributors:

Our monographs have both individuals and institutions as editors.

But we cannot enter corporations/institutions in the list of contributors, only persons are allowed.
As a workaround, we could use the “Preferred Public Name” and a fake “given name”, but this is of course not the right way, because for example the fake name would appear in OAI.

We would welcome an extension to allow institutions as volume editors as well.
I think it’s a common problem, others could find that useful too.
Is there anything planned in that regard?

Kind Regards

Hi @ohilbig01,

Thank you for your post. Please note that having institutions as authors/contributors has been identified as a feature request here: Addition of corporate name field. · Issue #4461 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub - In one of the comments, it is noted that using “Preferred Name” may be able to be considered a work-around, but is not optimal, and that there is a desire for a distinct field indicating corporations/institutions as authors.

PKP Team