OMP and php 8.x

When logging in to create a new catalogue entry I find that this is, apparently, the only thing that does not work producing a http 500 error when I click “Catalog” in the left hand menu. Php has been upgraded to by our hosting partner, to 8.0.x, and we do not have a say in it. Last time we added a title everything worked, and we haven’t changed anything since. Is the php version the most likely culprit here? I really REALLY do not want to upgrade only to find the problem persists.

Dear @geirrosset,

Would you please check the error log right after clicking “catalog”? OJS 3.3 should work with PHP 8.0 (these are the system requirements), maybe it’s worth it to upgrade to OJS 3.3.0-14 LTS, since it’s a minor upgrade and should cause you no trouble (always backup everything first, of course).

Best regards,