OMP 3.2 problem with cover image

we are still beginner in OMP and have installed a test installation OMP 3.2.1-1.
We want do upload a cover image for a catalog entry which is already published. We unpublish the version and upload the cover image. If we try to save, we get the error message “The series for this publication could not be found.”. We have no series, so we can not select one. What we are doing wrong?
Thanks Constanze

Hi @decker,

Is it possible that this submission used to be associated with a series that you have since deleted?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Alec,
no, it still didn’t exist any series.
Sometimes it is possible to add a cover image without error and I get the same error, if I delete an existing cover image und try to save.
I have found out the following. I have had a look to table “publications” in the database, I see that “series_id” is set to “0”. If I set this to “NULL”, I can change the cover image. Could this be the reason for the error and if yes how can I correct it?
Constanze Decker