OMP 1.2 stable layout?


currently we are testing the OMP 1.2 (nice work!) and would like to begin to adapt our design to the new layout. Is it save to start working on the layout or are there major changes planned?


Hi @lilients,

Tagging @NateWr – he’s probably the best guy to ask. Can you describe the kinds of changes you’re considering?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @lilients,

I think the broad patterns of the OMP 1.2 frontend are pretty set. We did just push through a pretty major revision in the last week. But it depends a lot on what you’ll be editing.

The HTML markup is pretty solid. The CSS/LESS may still get a bit more refinement but should be broadly stable at this point.

I’d love to observe the adaptations you’re making and help out when and where I can with any points of confusion. Do you have a GitHub repo where you’re developing a custom theme?

If there’s no repo, you can ping me on this forum by using @NateWr or send me a PM if you have any questions.

Hi @NateWr,

thanks for your answer. Currently we are trying to integrate our menustructure. Happily there are many different posibilities to do so. Accordingly we would like to know if those are staying and what plans you have:

  • sidebar with custom block plugin: Will there be the possibility to choose from left and right sidebar as before?
  • topnavi: Here we currently use our own plugin, but a custom plugin would be great!
  • footernavi: Seems to be gone in the master branch. Will it come back? Could also be a bit more flexible, e.g. allowing the top categories to be links as well.


Hi @lilients,

We’re ditching the 3-column layout for a 2-column layout with the sidebar on the right. There’s only going to be one sidebar. But you can easily swap the positions of the content and sidebar columns with the following CSS:

@media(min-width: 992px) {
  .pkp_structure_sidebar {
    float: left;
  .pkp_structure_main {
    float: right;
  .pkp_structure_main:before {
    left: 300px;
  .pkp_structure_main:after {
    left: 952px;
@media(min-width: 1200px) {
  .pkp_structure_main:after {
    left: 1160px;

You can overwrite the templates/frontend/components/primaryNavMenu.tpl to build your own primary navigation menu. Alternatively, you can build your own template and link to it in the header.tpl.

We’re also getting rid of the footer categories and social profile links management system for the footer. We felt these were too over-prescibed: not flexible enough to be widely useful and a lot of extra code for us to maintain. Instead, you’ll find a rich text editor under Settings > Website > Appearance > Press Page Footer. You can chuck HTML code such as lists of links in here or whatever content you’d like.


Hi @NateWr,

I think the footer is fine with the HTML editor. But I fear, that the solution with the sidebar is not much user friendly, because you have to add CSS. Why not let the user choose what side the sidebar should be on and add the CSS automatically?

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HI @lilients,

Sorry for the delay in responding. Got sorted into the wrong place in my email.

Things like sidebars are going to be really theme-dependent. One of our goals in the future is to get to a genuinely multi-theme ecosystem. Ideally, the theme will decide what sidebars are available and where they’re located. For instance, a theme may have no sidebar at all or might put a “sidebar” into the footer.

For that reason, we’re holding off on all but the most basic sidebar management controls. I’d love to add a theme-specific feature to the default theme to allow you to choose left or right. But we don’t yet have that in place.

If you find the CSS solution too difficult, I’m happy to create the .css file for you. There’s a place to upload a CSS file under Settings > Website > Appearance > Press Stylesheet.

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