OMP 1.2 Layout Editor in the Production phase

Hi @asmecher

We are testing the OMP 1.2 -

In the production phase we want to:

  1. Request the Copy Editor to copy edit manuscript and upload Copy-Edited version.
  2. The Press Editor assigns it to the author which needs to approve the Copy-Edited version.
  3. The Press Editor then assigns the approved Copy-Edited version to the Layout Editor.
  4. The layout Editor does the Layout version file and upload it to the Galley section (?).
  5. The Layout version file is assigned to a Proofreader/Author.
  6. The Proofreader/Author uploads the Proof red file and assign it to the Layout editor.
  7. The Layout Editor uploads the PDF and Epub etc to the Galley.

What we find is that in the Layout editor role and view he can only upload “Production Ready files”. There is a spinning wheel where the “galley files” should be at the bottom of the page.

see the test site:

Any help on how the Production side of OMP 1,2 works will be appreciated.

Kind Regards

Hi @cecile,

Access for press assistant roles (including layout editors) was accidentally omitted from that grid. It’s already been added on the master branch, but I forgot to back-port to omp-stable-1_2_0 and omp-dev-1_2 until you reminded me.

See Permit Layout Editors (assistants) to access Publication Formats grid · Issue #1478 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub for details and a link to a patch that you can apply in the lib/pkp subdirectory.

This hasn’t been tested broadly, but it’s a small change and appears to work well from my own quick testing. Please let me know if it behaves unexpectedly.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you @asmecher ! The patch worked and opened the “Publication formats”.

Warm Regards