OMP 1.2, connecting with Pubmed, ISBNdb, CrossRef

Hi all,
some users ask me ho to index their monographs with some services.
Sometimes it’s clear how to proceed, for instance:
Google Scholar → edit robots.txt
WorldCat → Add the repository OAI link to the interface
DataCite → It works out of the box using DOI numbers

But I can’t find the way for: PubMed, ISBNdb, CrossRef.

Reading some old posts I undestand that, for PubMed and ISBNdb, I have to add an API key somewere. Am I wrong? How can I apply this key?

For CrossRef I undestand tha I have to export an XML file with DOI and I have to upload it on their site. How to do this?


Hi @Alfredo_Cosco

There is a CrossRef import/export plugin (similar to the DataCite plugin) that you could use to export or even automatically deposit the XML to CrossRef.

For other i.e. PubMed and ISBNdb I don’t know :frowning: But please write it here, if you figure it out.


Does the CrossRef plugin exist for OMP? If so, I would have expected to see it under plugins/importexport, but I don’t.

Ah, sorry, I haven’t seen OMP in title :frowning: True, it does not exist for OMP yet.


We still haven’t work on book DOI deposit, so I don’t know how the XML should actually look like, but maybe you can take a look here: and the latest schema version: – maybe it helps you construct your XML for deposit.