OMP - Unable to upload .css

I am trying to upload a new .css file. The file appears to upload to 100% and upon clicking ok, I am prompted with an error message that says I either don’t have correct permissions or the file type is wrong.

I have done a few searches on the forums; the closest existing post I could find to my issue was here:

However, after pointing the mime_database_path to /etc/mime.types, and then /etc/magic.mime, and finally when that failed, commenting the line out so that php would use it’s definitions, we are still unable to upload the file. file permissions are set to 775 for obvious upload locations such as /public/ and /uploads/, so unless the .css file upload location is somewhere else, writing to the file system shouldn’t be an issue.

I definitely appreciate any insight or suggestions.


I have found that the uploaded .css file resides in the following folder as styleSheet.css
public\journals\1 (considering you have one journal)

So I would suggest you to look the permission of that folder (try 777 and see the results) or try to directly upload it to that folder as styleSheet.css and try.


Hi all,

Just to note that 777 permissions can be useful for testing, but are never safe for production use.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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