OJSOnline MultiLang Url Plugin

Greetings to all OJS users.
We are planning to develop the OJS project in Russia. We started quite recently and in our portfolio there are only 2 sites https://hsm.susu.ru and https://jpps.susu.ru

Now about the problem:
The main language of our journal https://hsm.susu.ru is Russian. We noticed that the English version of the journal is not indexed in Google. When you switch the language on the journal page, URL does not change. The search robot will still see this page in the language that is opened by default for this Journal.
We made a plugin that allows you to add a language to the URL. After a few weeks, the English version of our journal began to be indexed by Google.
We have made a demo version of the demo.ojsonline.com
Go to the article, and on the right you can switch languages

  • Russian
  • English
  • Ukrainian

(The article is available in three languages.)
When switching will change the URL.

The picture shows how to Google indexed URLs of articles and static pages.


Plugin tested in versions

  • 3.1.2
  • 3.1.2-1

GitHub https://github.com/ojsonline/OJSOnline-MultiLang-Url

We are also planning to attend the conference in November 2019
Our site: http://ojsonline.com
We still have problems with the indexation of Russian journals [https://vestnik.susu.ru], but we will fix it.(https://vestnik.susu.ru)

Hi @AlexeySmirnov,

That is a great news! I have very hard time with indexing multi language journals. I will definitely try your plugin. I guess everybody with multi language journals will appreciate your work.

Thank you.

Regards Primož

Hi @AlexeySmirnov,

Excellent work! If you’re ever interested in getting plugins into the Plugin Gallery within OJS, send me a message and I’ll walk you through it.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team