OJS3 Site level : "About" page and static pages



I noticed that in OJS2 Administration Site, there is 2 sections:

  • Introduction: which is displayed on the main page of the website above the journals list
  • About the Site description: which is displayed in the page of the “About” menu

In OJS3 Administration Site, there is only 1 section left:

  • About the Site: which is displayed on the main page of the website
    And the about page has been removed.

I know that your motivation in removing sections was to simplify the Setup areas.

But it’s non suitable for us (University of Bordeaux) because we display all legal informations (which are mandatory) in the “About” page. And we don’t want to display them in the main page because it’s too long and the journals list will be displayed too far below in the page.

I thought then to add a static page (even if I don’t know yet if it’s possible to display a dynamic variable into those pages). But it’s not actually possible to add static pages on Site level. It’s only possible to add static pages on each journal site.
I saw there was already a topic on this subject in this forum.

For our case, that also fits well that adding Static Pages at the site level would be a Site Administrator level permission and adding Static Pages at a journal level would be a Journal Manger level permission.

I was wondering if you plan in OJS3 to reintroduce the “About” page of the main page ?
And at least when do you plan to offer the possibility to add static pages on Site level ?
It is important to us to have an independent additional page on the main website to add legal informations.

Thanks in advance for your answer.
Best regards.


Hi @hcl,

Site-wide static pages has already been filed as a feature request here. Until that’s implemented, you might want to either upload a static (HTML) page, or code in a custom page. We are also working on a facility to allow managers/administrators to customize the drop-down menus, which I hope will be included in OJS 3.1.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Hi @asmecher,
Thanks for your answer. We can wait OJS 3.1 release to use Site-wide static pages if it’s still planned for July.
Can you confirm that the “About” page on Site level has been removed on purpose and won’t be put back ?
Thanks again.
Best regards.


Hi @hcl,

OJS 3.1 is likely to slip a little bit from our current release plans in July, but hopefully not much. (We have a few large merges coming up, followed by a lot of smaller items that we hope to make quick progress on.)

We’re pursuing a long-term strategy of improving generic content management tools rather than building single-purpose fields in, so removing the site-wide About area and making tools to create your own is consistent with that.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team