[OJS3] Revista Corpoica - Colombia new Portal

Hi All,

We want to announce the new Corpoica Journal portal using OJS3, thanks in advance to all the PKP team especially @asmecher for the help & support.

Our portal can be view in:


The journal Corpoica Ciencia y Tecnología Agropecuaria is a scientific journal published three times a year since October 1996 by the Colombian Agricultural Research Corporation (Corpoica).

The journal publishes research articles, reflection articles (scientific test), review articles, short articles, case reports and book reviews on different specific thematic areas of the agricultural sector (multidisciplinary) especially researchers from Latin America and the Caribbean, written in Spanish, English or Portuguese. Who apply contributions to the journal should be original and unpublished character. The articles are reviewed by national and international external peer (peer review) double-blind.

Please feel free to comment and ask us about it.


Cristhian Andres Rey Casadiego
e-Automation Developer & IT consultant


It is great. How do you make the issue in archive vertical?

Hi Kamirsyah,

We made it using CSS and some minor changes in templates, let me check if I
can send you the chunk of code for it…

Quedo atento a cualquier inquietud o sugerencia.


Eng. Cristhian Andres Rey Casadiego.
e-Automation Developer & IT Consultant.
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Hi Cristhian, you could share the changes you made so that the published numbers came out vertically. I would like to do the same.
Thanks in advance