OJS3: Please add a filter for disabled users

Users may be disabled for various reasons. From time to time it would be helpful to have the option of listing all disabled users so that one can decide which one to delete and which one perhaps to reactivate.

I know about the possibility to batch delete fake users, but this requires access to the Linux system. I am dreaming of a feature in the normal backend / dashboard, to be used by Journal Managers.

Maybe this could be integrated in the “filter” option which, at the moment, only filters by roles? I imagine that adding the option “Diabled Users” there would not be all too complicated.

Thank you for considering it!

You got my vote!

Actually, as far as I found a couple of journals with plenty of spam users, I have been thinking in the same feature for a while.

Merge or Delete are irreversible actions, so if you fail, the only way to rollback is use a backup… Disable let you “flag” users that you can delete after a reasonable time.

Adding a couple of ideas, just in case you like to extend your FR proposal.

Filter based on spam patterns
We have a nice list here of spam patterns here.
What if those patterns are shown and we let the user apply any of them?
They will only need to check the spam name and all the users that match will be blocked/disabled.
Patterns could be an independent file (json, yml…), so we can extend the list without touching the code.

Upload a file
Let users upload a list of mails or usernames or… (let’s think together) so all matching users will be disabled/blocked.

Related with this last one I’m working on a cli-plugin to accomplish this.