OJS3 DE/EN inconsistency

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@mtub in the German Topics section a fellow German user pointed out some inconsistencies with the German translation regarding the review process (see: http://forum.pkp.sfu.ca/t/de-en-fassungen-funktional-nicht-gleich-oder-nur-falsch-ubersetzt-ojs-3-0-2/29662 ).

The English buttons have the captions “send to copyediting” and “Decline submission” whereas the German translations are “Beitrag annehmen” and “Beitrag ablehnen”.

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I like the “Beitrag annehmen” way of thinking more because I always have to explain to the editors that choosing Send to Copyediting means in effect that the submission is accepted. But with the Finnish translation we did follow the logic of the en_US locale here.

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see Adjust wording and style of workflow action to forward to copyediting · pkp/pkp-lib@29671d1 · GitHub and DE/EN-Fassungen funktional nicht gleich oder nur falsch übersetzt (OJS 3.0.2.) - #5 by mtub. There is no functional difference, but the translations had not been updated after a minor string update in the en_US locale.