[OJS3.0.2] Complete HTML Metadata when Viewing HTML or PDF Galley



Currently OJS doesn’t load the full HTML DC.metadata of an article into , when viewing a PDF or HTML galley, but it should :o)



Metadata is on article detail page. It should be only on 1 location.


@Vitaliy, you’re absolutely right. My faulty reasoning!



Hm. Now I have to come back to this. I totally agree with Vitaliy, that there should be only 1 location for metadata. BUT: We underestimated google! The metadata might be shown completely on the article detail page, but for google this is a poor ranking, because content counts for the ranking. Since I uploaded our HTML galleys, the pages, that include the iframe with the HTML content weigh significantly more.

To the HTML title of the pages, containing the iframe of the article, a localized string is added in front: (to be found here: locale/en_US/locale.xml:745). And this shows up in the google results – here the results of Google Alerts as an example (in German it’s »Anzeige von «).

So I think from a SEO point of view it would be best, to integrate the article’s HTML full text to the article detail page.

Any suggestions on this?


Hi @twa,

does the google problem persist? Have you made any adjustments to OJS or the HTML-galleys?