OJS UPLOAD does not work


I move my OJS to the new Server.
Now I got this problem:
My OJS could open the Galleys, but i could not upload anymore.

Besides when I do not create the directory Files the OJS does it itself and then it works to upload the files, but when I move the journals from the old directory into the new one (from OJS created) it does not want to work anymore.

I still use the same OJS version 2.4.6.

I hope u could help me, I try a lot of but nothing works.

Best regards,

Hi @pitertennis_paco,

I suspect your file permissions on your files_dir are not correct. See the FAQ for an article on file permissions.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank u that was the answer.

But i still does not understand why exactly ?

I make my Files directory chmod 777 and it works with the old Server but with the new one it doesn’t. Now I do chmod -r 777 to allow everything and it works.

I think it has to be with the Server restrictions.

Thank u very much for the help.

Changing all file permissions to 777 opens a security risk.