OJS Support for group-based review process

Describe the problem you would like to solve

At the ASRHE journal we have been operating a group-based review approach for the last four years (see information under ‘Peer Review Process’. We have handled the group-based review processed by defining new roles in OJS and using external tools (email, Doodle) to complement OJS functionality. This ‘manual’ form of organisation is possible but time consuming and not transparent to authors.

Describe the solution you’d like

We would like an additional from of peer review supported in OJS. At the core of the new functionality sits a different perspective of reviewer activity: Instead of working in isolation (as supported by the OJS Reviewer role) the reviewer works in collaboration with the other reviewers and the assigned editor (in our terminology the ‘review group leader’) to conduct the review and collate feedback for the authors.

Who is asking for this feature?

This new feature is required by editors to seamlessly implement group-based peer review. We are confident of the value of the group-based review approach for our authors and for reviewer development (see our open access publication in the International Journal for Academic Development and suggest adding a group-based review option to journals as a way of addressing the shortage of qualified reviewers many journals experience.

Additional information

We have created a document outlining the requirements for supporting the group-based review approach and providing a comparison to the current OJS review approach.

We’d welcome any discussions from implementation or editorial perspectives.

On behalf of the ASRHE Editors, Eva Heinrich