OJS/OMP/OPS 3.3 Released

OJS/OMP/OPS 3.3 is now available! Many thanks to all of our community contributors and staff who made this possible. For more information, including download links, read our latest post on PKP News:

To showcase what’s new in OJS/OMP/OPS 3.3, every Friday in February (Feature Fridays) we’ll be showcasing new features on PKP News, Facebook and Twitter (@pkp).

For our first “Feature Friday,” here are some of the most significant changes to the editorial workflow that managers, editors, authors, and reviewers can look forward to:


Feature Fridays continues! This week we’re looking at features for multilingual publications in OJS/OMP/OPS 3.3 including a shout out to our fantastic translators. Read more: https://pkp.sfu.ca/2021/02/12/multilingual-publications-and-3-3/

How do we make open access and open source truly open? This week’s Feature Friday takes a look at usability, inclusivity, and accessibility in OJS/OMP/OPS 3.3. Read more: https://pkp.sfu.ca/2021/02/19/improving-usability-inclusivity-and-accessibility-in-3-3/