OJS for theses managment

we are evaluating OJS for using it as a theses managment (submit, grade, publish) tool. theses will be BSc, MSc, doctoral, …
since OJS workflow includes the required stages already, there will be only small adaptions/addings needed:

  • setup OJS journals for theses types with responsible student office as editors.
  • authenification (windows AD)
  • time-slot for submitting the theses.
  • import functionality for students which need to submit thesis
  • OJS frontend for choosing the theses type
  • submitting GUI with related regulations
  • submitting GUI for adding related reviewers
  • submission recipt with timestamps and checksums of submitted files.
  • automated stage change to „review“ after submission.
  • and some more additions for sure. but much easier to implement then to build it new (i.e. with a sharepoint solution!).
    does someone already „mis“use OJS for theses management?
    or does someone know an other open source solution for it?
    thanks a lot

That is a lot of modifications. Have you looked at dSpace?


thanks for response.
we know the common repository software like eprints, dspace or fedora-commons quit well and therefore think to implement a theses management with OJS will be easier than using a repository and fitting it. all (and more!) of the above listed requirements would also needed to be added in a repo software.

since we in last time get questions about the “OJS for theses management” i like to add here some more infos for public:

the project was NOT implemented!
the client did decide to do it with sharepoint. (our latest knowledge about it is, that it is not finish till now :slight_smile:

for the project we were going a bit into the code of OJS an made an offer in german (20210818-offerte_17053-hsgojs-public.pdf @ https://cmdt.ch/res/20210818-offerte_17053-hsgojs-public.pdf).

in general:
. there are a few webservices to be done to attached systems.
. in ojs there would have been made diffrent views for student, institut, referent, search
. there would be some (minor) addings/changes/fittings needed in the OJS workflow for getting the requirements of the clients thesis workflow (especialy controlling of time-slots (last upload possibility, time for correcting, …)

if there is someone with php knowledge, it should be quite easy to implement.
pls take note, that in the offer a big part is calculated for the migration of the old thesis management (lotus-notes). this is not (or maybe different) in implementing OJS as a thesis workflow tool.

if yu have any questions feel free…
thanks, cmdt